As the rate of Covid-19 infections rises in our area, there is a greater need for reliable testing. Here are some facts about Covid-19 tests.

There are two types of tests available: Rapid and PCR.

Rapid tests are done on-site and results are available within 10-15 minutes. The kits are manufactured in multiple countries around the world. While kits may or may not be FDA approved, at LI Walk-In Care, we only use FDA-approved kits.
PCR: This is the better test. A swab is taken from deep inside the nose and is sent to an outside laboratory. We make every attempt to send the sample to a laboratory that accepts your insurance.

Rapid Antigen Tests: A third type of test is the rapid antigen test. These are not highly accurate. If the result is negative, you may still have the virus. If you have any symptoms, such as sniffles, fever, diarrhea, just not feeling yourself, and the test is negative, there is a chance that you have received a false negative result.

The Gold Standard is a PCR. This is sent to a lab and usually takes 24-48 hours for results to be available. If the PCR test is negative, the chances are good that you truly do not have COVID-19.

If you need a test to receive clearance for surgery or a procedure, such an endoscopy or a colonoscopy, then you need a PCR, which takes 24-48 hours.

If you are curious or think you may have been exposed, then you can rely on the rapid test

Please ask our clinicians if you have any further questions. Contact us to learn more.